Our Workflow

Our workflow different phases

Here at HAITS we do not compromise on quality by saying that you only get what you pay for. We ensure that even if you are at tight budget, the quality of your project is not compromised. Most of our clients comprise the new start-ups who are availing our services for web design, application development, and for other user experiences. Further, we also offer post launch data monitoring and analysis services.

Different Phase of workflow


0 PHASE Discovery


As soon as our clients make a contact us we start our process towards customer satisfaction and innovative solutions by scheduling an in-person meeting which we label as Phase 0. During this meeting we hear out our clients to understand their corporate objectives and business goals. During the same session we identify the potential barriers your business is facing so that we can devise innovative solutions for you.
We understand that each company has different needs in the market and as such their projects are unique as well and so are our solutions. The aim underlying Phase 0 is to identify the business needs and problems of our clients. An effective solution can only be created when the problem is understood.

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1 PHASE Project Go


Once we have identified the problems of our clients and agreed on solution, the fun begins. We have labelled this part Project Go!
Any campaign or project must start with established strategy for defining what success meant. Each project at HAITS starts with thorough research of the market for better understanding the primary users of our clients, and the needs and wants of those users. With the help of this process we are able to develop a framework or strategy. The information so obtained is used for developing metrics which are then used for devising solutions.
Once strong foundation takes place during the phase of Project Go, the development of information architecture takes place, expansion of personas takes place, and user stories are adjusted with goals. This represents the design foundation.


2 PHASE Design


Once the target audience is being identified, competitor analysis is being conducted, and thorough market research is being conducted, there is no question that the project framework is in place. It is then time for “the look”. No two designs look the same as we customize our designs according to the solutions we have devised for our clients on the basis of Phase 0 and Phase 1.
Here at HAITS we employ a user oriented approach which is focused on creating a primary user experience as the basis for new product. Every great design is established with strong UX/UI whereby we place the user experience at the core of our activities. The project is not carried out in line with the business goals but to provide such an interface where users gain the information they are looking for with ease and comfort. The designers take into account the user flows, style guides, wire frames, conduct design mocks, and rapid prototypes to achieve user satisfaction.

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3 PHASE The Build


Here at HAITS we employ agile development methodology along with lean start-up principles for minimizing the risk and delivering robust applications to our customers. During such phase, daily scrums are held by the development team.
As a result of Scrum meetings HAITS project managers are able to conduct communication with entire team, keeping abreast of the status of the project, and undertaking critical decisions daily throughout the process of development. Contrary to usual 30 days Sprint review which is employed in Agile development, here at HAITS we conduct weekly reviews


4 PHASE DevOps/Continuous Development Support


We understand that software needs constant revision from time to time to keep up with technological innovation and to meet the evolving needs of the project. Therefore, here at HAITS we provide DevOps driven development support to our clients.

Product iteration

Following steps are taken by project team with respect to each update for the product:
• Plan duration of sprints in a specific manner
• Conduct the testing of features daily
• Deployment of new releases for production at the final point of each sprint
• Identifying the tasks for following sprints on the basis of collective evaluation



The DevOps process is focused on including infrastructure as part of the application and as such enables reliable and rapid revisions. A test oriented CI/CD process is included for releasing new functionality for each environment (development, stage, production) regularly. The source code throughout its development cycle is saved in a secure server which is password protected. Patches and upgrades are applied and regression is tested by utilizing both manual and automated tests. If all cases of test pass, the code is sent to be released by the release branch. Any modifications required for database are added in the automated deployment process so that they are carried out automatically without any hassle for the client. The deployment is included in the staging environment, testing of regression takes place, and testing of acceptance is made by end users of the project. Once this is being approved, it is timed to deploy in production during appropriate time with the approval.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide affordable, accessible, and streamlined Internet and Web services to businesses. We have developed a system for offering many different types of Web services (site development, hosting, marketing, and maintenance) that are exclusively tailored to fit the needs and resources of companies.

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